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Welcome to The Dragon Prince Discord Wiki page! Edit

Hey there you nerds who entered the discord. Want to know more of Lord Virus' nicknames? Find out if Mage was always this way? Learn about the revolution of 2018? Well this is the place for you!

 Spood revived/revised this wiki because she loves all of you guys and wants you guys to be remembered <3

The wiki devoted to The official discord server for The Dragon Prince that anyone can edit!

48 articles have been added since this wiki's creation in I don't remember!

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List of All Notable Members
Here is a list of all of the notable members in the TDP Discord. Every page includes a rough to detailed description for each member.

Have you ever wondered what Craig's favorite color is or when Craig's birthday is? This page will answer those questions

[Server Mod Info]
All info relating to the server's mods is right here.

 All of the tdp pixel art was created by the very talented artist, the-DarkMess. Check out her tdp related tumblr [[1]]

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